How Hard Water Can Damage Your Home

Water hardness is caused by dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  Although these minerals aren’t entirely harmful when ingested, they can cause some serious problems in our home life. From fading laundry to dull hair, the effects can be quite devastating.

Thankfully, there are a lot of water softeners to help you out. In fact, you can read more reviews here about some of the best water softeners. That said, here is how hard water can damage your home.

Blocked pipes

Having clogged pipes is one of the most dangerous effects of hard water in your home. This is mainly as a result of lime scale deposited on the pipes eventually forming a plug. This effect could completely block water from flowing through the pipes to your house. In fact, if most of your appliances use hot water, then the warm temperature is the perfect accelerator for lime buildup. Furthermore, this could cost you more on utility bills since your appliances might require increased power supply to heat the water.

Damaged plumbing pipes

Calcium, magnesium and other dissolved minerals found in hard water can result to serious damages to your pipes. Hard water can cause holes or erode the pipes which might eventually require replacements. In most cases, you’ll not notice these effects early enough to take the appropriate measures. In fact, the holes can be very small initially but grow bigger overtime. This can only mean you’ll require new pipes, thus unexpected costs.

Skin irritation and dull hair

If your family members have skin irritation issues then hard water can only compound their problems further. Hard water can lead to a dry or itchy skin due to the mineral deposits’ ability to suck the moisture out of your skin. Young children, especially the elementary-school-age ones could experience eczema or if they have it already, the symptoms could worsen.

In addition, mineral deposits found in hard water could be left in your hair thus, eradicating its natural shine as well as causing buildup on your sculp. You could experience dried hair because moisture is being blocked from the hair shafts by the deposits. Moreover, shampooing or rinsing could worsen the problem.

Spotty dishes, flatware and glasses

You may begin to notice spots on your flatware, dishes and drinking glasses if you’re using hard water in your home. This white spots can be irritating to see just like the soap scum spots in the shower. These minerals dissolve with the detergent you use to clean up your dishes and then stick to the dishes inside the washer. This will leave you with not so clean dishes as you would have liked for your next dinner party.

Gray and faded clothes

Another problem posed by hard water is faded clothes and bed sheets. Your clothes might feel scratchy and hard to wash since the water you’re using contains extra mineral substance. That said, these minerals react with the laundry detergent chemicals reducing the detergent’s effectiveness as well as discoloring your clothes prematurely. This effect also reduces the lifespan of your clothes too leaving you with added expenses you didn’t expect.

The bottom line

So, are you experiencing the above problems in your home? If you notice any of the above effects, quickly determine if you’re using hard water and then proceed to purchase the best water softener. As usual, feel free to share this post or leave us a comment below.

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